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The Jesus Way

Loving Others.
Jesus lives in our heart.

Live with Peace

Join us for church. New Traditions Worship at 9:30am. Church School at 11:00am church.

Today, we find ourselves as a "new" church; seeking to be creative and innovative in our ministries while honoring our traditions.
Our Purpose is to extend transforming grace into the community to fully Develop Disciples of Jesus Christ.
We will develop Devoted Disciples of Jesus Christ by pursuing excellence in three key areas of faith development; connecting people of all ages through: Opportunities to worship, To learn and To serve.

What We Can Do For You!

We are a church that believes in God, Everyone is welcome.


Like any other church, we are a group of people desperately in need of God's grace. We all mess up; we all fall short...the word in the Bible is 'sin.' But the Church is part of God's Plan to redeem people back to him so we seek to be vessels of grace as God is gracious to us. We bless others as God blesses us!


. Everyone is Welcome at the Communion table — kids and adults; whether a member of this or any church. "Christ our Lord invites to his table all who love him; who earnestly repent of their sin and seek to live in peace with one another."


We believe that when we place God in the middle of everything we do, and continuously live a life in a cycle of worship, learning and service, we will grow in our lives and become the people God created us to be. The vision for our people is for them to go deeper in their relationship with God by learning more about the Bible and its relevance in our lives.

Daycare Ministry

Bremen United Methodist Church has been providing quality, loving child care in a Christian atmosphere here in Bremen for over 32 years. We are open Monday through Friday 6:30am — 5:30pm for children 6 weeks through 10 years of age. For more information or to arrange a visit, contact our Director Beth Fraine (over 27 years) at 546-2275.

Our Purpose and Philosophy

The Bremen United Methodist Church has extended its mission to the community by offering quality day care for working parents of infants and young children. A before and after school program is offered for school age children.

Our staff helps both children and their parents feel positive about day care. The staff and parents need to work together as a team to help the children grow to be happy individuals. Our goal is to provide a safe, loving, fun, Christian environment for the children in the community. We offer a program that balances the physical, social, emotional, and cognitive needs of the children. The day care has a relaxed atmosphere where each child can grow and learn at his or her own pace.

God is good all the time; and all the time God is good.

A Nation Comes Together In Prayer

Lord we pray for ALL those whom have been effected by the devastation of Hurricane Harvey. Please be with them during this difficult and scary time. We pray for protection, covering and comfort through all the loss. Please give us strength to come together as a community to help those who are in great need as a result of the destruction of this storm. We pray for your Blessings over these places. In Jesus Name. Amen.

How You Can Help
Individuals are encouraged to call: 1-888-684-1441 to find out ways to volunteer locally with the Red Cross. The Red Cross depends on financial donations to be able to provide disaster relief immediately. Help people affected by Hurricane Harvey by visiting, calling 1-800-RED CROSS or texting the word HARVEY to 90999 to make a $10 donation. Donations enable the Red Cross to prepare for, respond to and help people recover from this disaster.

Pet Donations are also needed.

Church Library is going to get a face lift in October. For a donation to the Church you may have all fiction books, trophies and VCR tapes. Please NO Bibles or children’s books. Contact Mary Grebe for info

Generosity Changes Everything

Starting at September 3 service and continuing each Sunday at both services (Contemporary Service begins Sept. 10) we will be collecting items for the Food Pantry. Items will be brought to the Altar by our children during our Children's Chat. Remember: the third Sunday of the month is Daycare Sunday. Items requested for our Day- care's needs will also be placed at the altar

Pastor's Reflections

5 Those who sow with tears will reap with songs of joy. (Psalm 126:5) I was just thinking...about sowing with tears...This psalm is a psalm of joy. God had restored the fortunes of Zion and their response was joy and laughter. And then we come to verse 5. So, what does this verse mean? “Those who sow with tears will reap with songs of joy.” I was very intrigued with this and did some Google searching. I found this from John Piper: “So here’s the lesson: When there are simple, straightfor- ward jobs to be done, and you are full of sadness, and tears are flowing easily, go ahead and do the jobs with tears. Be realistic. Say to your tears: ‘Tears, I feel you. You make me want to quit life. But there is a field to be sown (dishes to be washed, car to be fixed, sermon to be written). I know you will wet my face several times today, but I have work to do and you will just have to go with me. I intend to take the bag of seeds and sow. If you come along then you will just have to wet the rows.” When life first fell apart after the loss of my son Joel, honestly there were days I didn’t think I could get out of bed. And there were days when I stayed there long past what I should have. But there were also days, thanks to the grace of God, that I could only do the next thing. Like a load of laundry, cook meals, clean, take care of my two boys, etc. And, when I say by the grace of God, I truly mean that. Sometimes I had to be pushed. Pushed to get outside and just live. Most of the time there were tears, lots and lots of tears. And sometimes, I just went through the motions of life. My boys struggled too. They strug- gled through so much, school, friends, when they got sick they were afraid they would die too. It was a hard time for us all. But we all just kept putting one foot in front of the other. But now, I see my family all together and there is great joy. We celebrate life and birthdays and celebrate graduations from high school and college. I prayed that life would somehow find a new normal again many years ago and now I can see that has happened. I believe that is a huge accomplishment for this family. Don’t get me wrong; I grieve Joel every day. I am sad he is not part of this beautiful, messed up, complicated family. I wish that I could erase the grief and Joel would be here with us. But, today I am thankful. I am thankful for this life that God has given to me. I am thankful for the hard things that have happened. I have to say honestly, I wish they hadn’t happened and Joel was still here, but even so, I would not change an instant of how God has used this to shape my life, how He has pursued me, and how, by His grace, He has strengthened me, sustained me, provided for my family, and continues to lead us for- ward. There are still hard days; there will always be hard days, for as long as I take my next breath here on earth, my Joel is still not here with me. But, I have to trust that this Psalm is truth, that when the despair threatens to overcome me, and I feel I am drown- ing in it, God will maintain His hold on my life and shouts of joy have and will continue to come again. Yay God!!

Grace and Peace to each of you, Pastor Lynn Breeden

Greetings from our Director, Beth Fraine

We had a wonderful turnout for our End Of The Year Party, in spite of some rain. Pla Mor campgrounds has been so good to us and we can't thank them enough for hosting it. After the rain was a beautiful full rainbow. We thank God for his glory. Farewell to all our school friends that are back in school and we look forward to starting preschool after Labor Day.

Daycare Sunday is every 3rd Sunday of the month. Look for the daycare corner in the Welcome Center!

Canned Fruit and Paper Towel

September Birthdays

03 Robert Paul
04 LeRoy Anderson
09 Chuck Krieg
13 Mary Grebe
14 Bob Neidigh, Bob Wilson 15 Pam Miller
17 Don Starke
19 Lois Sheley
20 Norma Nitz
21 Mary Jo McPherron
23 Wendy Bollenbacher
Michelle BonDurant
25 Debra Nick
29 Judy Murphy

September Anniversaries

01 Dennis & Judy Redman 49 Years
04 Fred & Be y Lehman 68 Years
07 Donn & Billie Horein 54 Years
08 Ed & Pat Anderson 60 Years
08 Paul & Cynthia Ann Price 60 Years
14 Lindy & Lynn Breeden 26 Years
15 Chuck & Gloria Krieg 43 Years
16 Ronald & R. Mary Jones 56 Years
28 Norman & Nancy Larsen 49 Years

Now is a good time to save those canceled stamps. The Marion Mission Storehouse in Marion Indiana collects canceled stamps and in turn sell them to foreign stamp collectors. Funds acquired from the sales are used to ship medical and supplies to missions overseas. Trim about 1/4” around the stamp and place your collection in the designated basket in the welcome center.

Upcoming Events

September 9
Greeting card stitching class. Make and take your own card....$5.00. Like the ones Shirley Cannon makes! Starting at 10 a.m. and last a couple hours. Invite a friend or two! We will need reservations the week before so " talk it up and let's plan a fun morning!!" Gloria 546-2897.

September 10
Thrilled to share with you that we will be adding a Contemporary Service to the church’s long standing traditional service. Service times will be 8:30 am for our Traditional service and 10:00 am for our new Contemporary offering.

November 18
We will host a Bazaar again! If you or you know someone that might want a table please give their name and number to Gloria. We will then send out registration papers. Final details are not complete, but let's get the word out that it's in the works! Some exciting things to look forward to!!

Cap'n's Corner

Sheep Tales, part 1...Several times in our Sunday school (Pathfinder’s) class, we have come across writings of “authors” who have shared their experiences with sheep. Usually indicating a not to bright animal who is always going astray. I could never quite understand where they were coming from until I realized these “authors” have probably never raised a sheep in their life!! Probably the closest they have ever been to a sheep is a picture hanging from the wall! Unless you have raised sheep, you will never be able to know how they bring Biblical teachings to life. You can learn a lot about “we as Christians,” by observing the sheep. Sheep are mentioned more than any other animal in the Bible. Over 500 references are made of this particular animal, and I hope to share with you some of the reasons that I believe why. We all have read many times of Jesus, the sacrificial Lamb, giving his life for our sins. Lambs were often used for sacrifice in the Bible so I am not going to spend a lot of time on symbolism that we already know, but rather on observations that most people do not know. Did you know that when a lamb is born that it is of the purest and brightest white? After the mother licks the birthing fluids off of her lamb, gently talking (bleating) to her newborn, the lamb dries to a magnificent white. If I recall that sounds a lot like Jesus, symbolically white, completely pure and free from sin. This statement is qualified in the in the sense that this is what happens with white faced sheep breeds. In another article I will let you know what happens when you mix in black faced sheep! Sheep know their master’s voice! For a good many years, I would take our sheep to the Holy Walk. My “first mate” Reg was an angel, (how appropriate is that) and I was a guide. As I was descending the hill towards the shepherds, talking to my “family,” she would say how the sheep would become excited and would start to bleat very loudly!! The sheep knew my voice, a voice they knew they could trust. Jesus says in John 10 verse 27, “My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me. This leads right into my final observations. You don’t drive sheep, you lead them. Most types of livestock are “driven,” that is you, for the most part are standing behind them and driving them from behind. Sheep you lead. If you get one started the right way the rest will follow. Yes I have head sheep that have not always gone where I have wanted them to, or they have gotten separated from the others and took a different way, but hmmm, doesn’t that sound familiar with our own walks with Christ? Next month I have to tell you about my pet sheep Frisky. Have a great day!! Cap’n Bob.

Have a great day!! Cap’n Bob

Food Pantry Wish List

Dish Soap
Canned Corn
Chicken Noodle Soup
Laundry Soap
Body Soap

Prayer Virgil

Our next Prayer Vigil is Thursday, September 7. This is a special time that we acknowledge that God is who He is and we take time to spend time with Him in the name of our church. Please take some time and join to- gether in prayer.

Please sign up to spend some time within this Prayer Vigil on September 7 from 7AM—7PM Questions? Call Gloria or Mary.

Blessings to you,

Gloria Krieg & Mary Grebe

BUMC Seniors

BUMS lunch (Bremen United Methodist Seniors). Lunch, carry in. Drinks and table service provided.

Come and bring a friend. Come at 11 to enjoy visiting and we'll eat at 12 Join us for a time of fun, food, and fellow- ship! Need any oth- er information call Gloria 546-2897.


Sundays 9:30am - New Traditions

Our New Traditions worship service is especially designed to meet people at the point of their spiritual need. The objective, however, is far more extensive. We want folks to experience Jesus by going deeper than they can possibly imagine in their spiritual journey.

Children play a special role in the worship service. Following a Children's Chat with the pastor (or Captain Bob or Miss Rhonda), the kids (up to 5th grade) are dismissed to the lower level for Kids Own Worship (KOW time), a worship experience designed just for them.

Our hope and prayer is that when you visit BUMC for the first time, you feel warmly welcomed; that you hear a word of encouragement and that you experience God's presence during worship.

Visit our YouTube channel.

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2 Corinthians 9:6-8

Now this I say, he who sows sparingly will also reap sparingly, and he who sows bountifully will also reap bountifully. Each one must do just as he has purposed in his heart, not grudgingly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver. And God is able to make all grace abound to you, so that always having all sufficiency in everything, you may have an abundance for every good deed.

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