Faith in God

Your a child of God
and you're always welcome!

The Jesus Way

Loving Others.
Jesus lives in our heart.

Live with Peace

Join us for church. New Traditions Worship at 9:30am. Church School at 11:00am church.

Today, we find ourselves as a "new" church; seeking to be creative and innovative in our ministries while honoring our traditions.
Our Purpose is to extend transforming grace into the community to fully Develop Disciples of Jesus Christ.
We will develop Devoted Disciples of Jesus Christ by pursuing excellence in three key areas of faith development; connecting people of all ages through: Opportunities to worship, To learn and To serve.

What We Can Do For You!

We are a church that believes in God, Everyone is welcome.


Like any other church, we are a group of people desperately in need of God's grace. We all mess up; we all fall short...the word in the Bible is 'sin.' But the Church is part of God's Plan to redeem people back to him so we seek to be vessels of grace as God is gracious to us. We bless others as God blesses us!


. Everyone is Welcome at the Communion table — kids and adults; whether a member of this or any church. "Christ our Lord invites to his table all who love him; who earnestly repent of their sin and seek to live in peace with one another."


We believe that when we place God in the middle of everything we do, and continuously live a life in a cycle of worship, learning and service, we will grow in our lives and become the people God created us to be. The vision for our people is for them to go deeper in their relationship with God by learning more about the Bible and its relevance in our lives.

Daycare Ministry

Bremen United Methodist Church has been providing quality, loving child care in a Christian atmosphere here in Bremen for over 32 years. We are open Monday through Friday 6:30am — 5:30pm for children 6 weeks through 10 years of age. For more information or to arrange a visit, contact our Director Beth Fraine (over 27 years) at 546-2275.

Our Purpose and Philosophy

The Bremen United Methodist Church has extended its mission to the community by offering quality day care for working parents of infants and young children. A before and after school program is offered for school age children.

Our staff helps both children and their parents feel positive about day care. The staff and parents need to work together as a team to help the children grow to be happy individuals. Our goal is to provide a safe, loving, fun, Christian environment for the children in the community. We offer a program that balances the physical, social, emotional, and cognitive needs of the children. The day care has a relaxed atmosphere where each child can grow and learn at his or her own pace.

God is good all the time; and all the time God is good.

Church Library is going to get a face lift in November. For a donation to the Church you may have all fiction books, trophies and VCR tapes. Please NO Bibles or children’s books. Contact Mary Grebe for info

Generosity Changes Everything

Starting at September 3 service and continuing each Sunday at both services (Contemporary Service begins Sept. 10) we will be collecting items for the Food Pantry. Items will be brought to the Altar by our children during our Children's Chat. Remember: the third Sunday of the month is Daycare Sunday. Items requested for our Day- care's needs will also be placed at the altar

Pastor's Reflections

“Sing the glory of his name; make his praise glorious.” (Psalm 66:2)

I was just thinking...

...about Thanksgiving, and that the Psalmist is being thankful in this verse for God’s sovereignty over all of creation, and for showing His love to His people. We read often in scripture about how God is the creator of all that we see in this world. He is Lord over everything. In this verse the Psalmist is calling on us to praise God. To “make His praise glorious”! We were created to praise Him for ALL things. He is worthy to be praised by all who know Him. When I stop to think about all God has done for us and the amazing power He displayed in the story of creation, it should bring us to our knees in awe and wonder to worship Him. He created us and knows our hearts and our struggles. He is always protecting us; we go about our day-to- day lives and sometimes I wonder if we even notice that He is watching us every moment of every day. He is always there to provide for us just the right amount of grace, comfort and joy that we need to face the things in this life. It makes me think of the beautiful Doxology we sing together every Sunday and I sang every Sunday as a little girl.

Praise God from Whom all blessings flow
Praise Him all creatures here below
Praise Him above ye heavenly host
Praise Father Son and Holy Ghost AMEN
How can you be found faithful to our Precious Savior as you, “Make His praise Glorious”?

Grace and Peace to each of you, Pastor Lynn Breeden

Greetings from our Director, Beth Fraine

Our new infant/toddler teacher. Kelsey is from Faribault, Minnesota. She met Ty Shively at a missions camp in Georgia, and were just married on August 5, 2017. She started at the daycare just a week later. She and Ty live here in Bremen at the Kvosts Apartment Complex. In her spare time she enjoys watching One Tree Hill. Kelsey also has a pet hedgehog named Willow and a rabbit named Shino. Kelsey and her husband Ty are Youth Leaders at the New Song Church in Plymouth. Please stop in and WELCOME Kelsey to our daycare family.

Daycare Sunday is every 3rd Sunday of the month. Look for the daycare corner in the Welcome Center!

Baby Wipes and Hand Sanitizer

November Birthdays

03 Flora Bowser
04 Cynthia Ann Price
05 Ted Nitz
07 Chelsea Huppert
09 Emily Makhalira
12 Ardis Hirstein
16 Steve Tabares
17 Helen Shields
18 Lorene Clark
21 Lois Gushwa, Delaney Krost
24 Melissa Streeter
25 Becky Dunning

November Anniversaries

12 Terry & Diane Hawks 13 Years
22 Ben & Victoria Dunning 3 Years

Every Thursday Night In November Community Dinner @ BUM Church from 5:30 PM—7:00 PM. Volunteers Needed for kitchen help and bringing desserts. Contact Shirley Wilson, Mary K or Gloria.

November 6 “FX3 Night”. Faith, Fitness & Fun. Featuring Trudi Sahlhoff step aerobic, interval & strength training. 6:30 PM.

November 18 We will host a Bazaar again! If you or you know someone that might want a table please give their name and number to Gloria. We will then send out registration papers. Final details are not complete, but let's get the word out that it's in the works! Some exciting things to look forward to!!

Join us December 4, for the Maxinkuckee Christmas performance at BUMC. Doors will open at 7:oo with the performance starting at 7:30. This is one you won’t wanna miss!

Jar of Hope

Bremen Fireman’s Toy Distribution

Collection will stay here in Bremen and German Township. Your change will help support the Bremen Firemen’s Association Christmas toy distribution. The Association has been delivering toys to children in needy families for 30+ years, reaching 400 to 500 children per year. Your donations can help put smiles on children’s faces this Christmas. Jars of hope is a monthly collection of loose change.

Visitation Teams On The Move!

The BUM Visitation Teams are working to visit about 26 BUMC friends and members each month. The group is made of four teams: LeRoy Anderson and J. Mary Jones, Donna Weston and Loretta Huff, Anita Huff and Carolyn Sheley, and Marge Baumgartner and Mary Grebe. We are always looking for more volunteers to join the team or help by volunteering to be a substitute when another teammate can't do their month. Also to help with goodies at Christmas and Easter. Last month Marge and Mary visited Lorene Clark at Miller's Merry Manor in Culver. Lorene invited us to join her in their monthly auction. She had saved up her money so she bought Marge and Mary bracelets and for herself a chocolate teddy bear. It was great fun. All our team members agree that they receive the bigger blessing of visiting BUMC friends. Would you like to join us?
Proverbs 17:17 - "a friend loves at all times."
Mary Grebe

Capital Campaign

Deuteronomy 15:10 says - "Give generously to them and do so without a grudging heart; then because of this the Lord our God will bless you in all your work and in everything you put your hand to."

God is richly blessing us in our work. Prayerfully continue to contribute as you feel God directing you to give. Honoring our Faith building our FUTURE.

Cap'n's Corner

Sheep Tales, part 3

My Dad and my Grandpa always told me, “Make sure you know where the sheep buck is,” and , “Don’t ever turn your back to the sheep buck!” I later realized they were telling me this from EXPERIENCE! I don’t think there is a more appropriate name for a male sheep than that of a buck. A typical male breeding buck will weigh in the range of 200 to 250 pounds. To understand what they can do, imagine how you see the bull rush the matador in the movies. A buck will paw with his front legs, lower his head, and come charging at you!! Especially when your back is turned, so needless to say he can pack a pretty good wallop!! Believe me, I know! But now I must back up and tell you a little story. The lambs that I would take to market just never seemed to sell that well. One year as I was having the sheep sheared, I asked the shearer, (who himself raised sheep) what I needed to do different. In his lazy drawl he said, “Son if yous want to get better lambs, then yous got to get you a black faced buck!”

So that started my string of black faced, Suffolk, sheep bucks. Now something really different started to happen after using these black faced, Suffolk, sheep bucks. You probably remember from my first, “Sheep Tales,” that I talked about the pure, white as snow lambs that would be born, often making me think of Jesus’ purity. The lambs now being born would still be mainly white, but they were now covered with little black splotches and black markings all over their bodies. Hmmm, that really made me think of how we must look in God’s eyes. Hasn’t sin caused all of us, I know it has me, to look mottled in God’s eyes? Truly why His forgiveness is so important!!

But that leads me to the last buck that I owned. You probably guessed which one that was. Along with various other names I can’t say, I nicknamed him Satan. Why, because if you turned your back to him, he WOULD nail you. Believe me, on how true that was! I had a sore lower back for many years thanks to him. In reality he was just defending his domain, I guess something like an alpha male of sorts. The lesson that I learned though, was this. Isn’t that how the real Satan wants to work in our lives. We lower our defenses, or turn our back, and there he is ready to nail us, and knock us down. Thankfully we have a God who will lift us back up! I believe that is why the apostle Paul tells us in Ephesians 6 verse 11, to put on the full armor of God so that you can take your stand against the devil’s schemes. I hope from this series you have learned a lot from the sheep. I know by raising them I have.

Have a great day!!
Cap’n Bob

Women’s Bible Study

Women’s Bible Study of Romans through BSF: Bible Study Fellowship starts September 12 at the host church, Community Gospel Church. The mission of Bible Study Fellowship is global, in-depth Bible classes producing passionate commitment to Christ, His Word and His Church. Their Global Headquarters are in San Antonio, Texas. Today, BSF directs a global ministry of Bible classes that serve more than 350,000 class members on six continents in more than 40 nations. So if you are traveling you can attend a class in that place and not miss a lesson! The BSF vision is to magnify God and mature His people as they cultivate a deeper relationship with Him. The Core Values of BSF is: Dependence on God: We rely on the inexhaustible resources of God in the power of the Holy Spirit for everything His work requires. Passion for Christ: Our love for Jesus fuels our commitment to advance the cause of Christ. Compassion for People: We help others by applying grace and truth with godly wisdom. Excellence: We reflect the infinite worth of God in the quality of our service. Integrity: We consistently integrate God's character into thought, word and deed. Humility: We put aside self to serve God and others. This is the first time ever that BSF is coming to Bremen. Before this year, women had to travel to South Bend or Elkhart to attend these classes. The first class is Tuesday evening, September 12, from 6:15 to 8:15. The classes go until May 8 with Christmas and Spring Breaks. First Welcome class and registration is September 12th. There are day and night classes for men, women, and children in the area. Go to to find out more. Any questions: ask Mary Grebe

Food Pantry Wish List

When we feed the hungry We Feed You, Jesus. (Matthew 25: 35-40)

We asked for your help and we got it. What a wonderful month we have had in November. We have collected over 480 pounds of donations. Great Job BUM Church! But the holidays are upon us and people are in need. Let’s help our neighbors by stocking up the food pantry’s shelves. Don’t let the cupboards become bare. Bring your Altar Donations in this Sunday.

Cereal, Canned Soup, Dish Soap, Laundry Detergent, Any Canned Meats, Any Baking Items such as Cake Mix, Frosting, Sugar, Flour, Salt.


Sundays 9:30am - New Traditions

Our New Traditions worship service is especially designed to meet people at the point of their spiritual need. The objective, however, is far more extensive. We want folks to experience Jesus by going deeper than they can possibly imagine in their spiritual journey.

Children play a special role in the worship service. Following a Children's Chat with the pastor (or Captain Bob or Miss Rhonda), the kids (up to 5th grade) are dismissed to the lower level for Kids Own Worship (KOW time), a worship experience designed just for them.

Our hope and prayer is that when you visit BUMC for the first time, you feel warmly welcomed; that you hear a word of encouragement and that you experience God's presence during worship.

Visit our YouTube channel.

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2 Corinthians 9:6-8

Now this I say, he who sows sparingly will also reap sparingly, and he who sows bountifully will also reap bountifully. Each one must do just as he has purposed in his heart, not grudgingly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver. And God is able to make all grace abound to you, so that always having all sufficiency in everything, you may have an abundance for every good deed.

Building Fund